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One North East - The legacy of the agency

Thematic Views

These pages hold information on the legacy One North East will leave the region, its businesses, universities, Local Authorities and communities more widely.  We hope the information will be useful and provide a platform for future economic regeneration and development activities in the North East.

This page links to the  secondary level of the One North East legacy material, made up of a series of thematic guides. This builds on the Achievements, Economic Story, and Performance and Impact documents available here.

These guides have been prepared by practitioners, and with practitioners in mind, and include perspectives on some of One North East’s programme areas.  The material is provided so that practitioners can learn from what worked to inform future programme delivery.

There are several points to note when considering this material:

  • It is focused on delivery areas and themes.  The idea is that practitioners can learn from what works and that future programme design can be informed by our collective experience
  • It is not intended a comprehensive guide to all of the subject areas One NorthEast has been involved in over its lifetime, but rather as an insight into some key areas of activity.
  • It is written by practitioners and provides certain perspectives on the areas in question.  It is therefore varied in terms of approach, length and content, and includes the history of the Agency’s involvement in some cases, a guide to working papers in others, and a “how to” guide in others.  Any views expressed are those of the authors.
  • The aim of the material is partly to inform in itself, but importantly it can provide a route into some of the subject areas, and in some cases links to specific individuals who may be able to elaborate on the material and the experiences referenced within it.
  • We believe it reflects best practice in many areas – in any case we believe future delivery by Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities, Government contractors , Destination Management Organisations and others can be enhanced by drawing on this experience.

Useful Documents

One North East - The legacy of the agency